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Helping companies optimize process and team across functions.

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Scaling your business operations doesn't have to be mind-numbingly painful

Say good-bye to...      

✖ Spending hours diagramming slides from scratch every time 
✖ Long meetings building context just to start the conversation
✖ Updating your organization chart every week or month           
✖ Repeating your self in 1:1's to make sure everyone is aligned  

Our Services

Our services are centered around process improvement team design with options based on your operational needs. We improve your operational productivity by helping you adopt the optimal technology for your organization.

Current State Process Audits

Meet with every team member to assess your company workflows. We develop process maps that identify who is responsible for each step within a workflow, the underlying technology they use to produce the workflow's outcome, and document all pain points across the organization. with recommendations on how improve process through your technology stack.

Implement Future State

We recommend and implement solutions for marketing automation, CRM & sales pipeline, project management, ticketing systems, data pipelines, and people management. Implementation includes building future state workflows within the recommended tech stack - rule based workflow automations, data-cleaning, properties, sequences and more. Finally, we'll train relevant stakeholders on the new processes.

Ongoing Support

Your outsourced operations service for workflow improvements, team design, and tech stack integrations. Our ongoing support services are tailored to your organization’s specific needs, so that as your workflows evolve so will your systems. Say good-bye to data inconsistency and multiple truth sources. Your operations will maintain agility and structure throughout your growth stages.

About Us

You’ve got teams. You’ve got processes. The problem is creating alignment between them to drive the right outcomes.

Chances are you are in the 96% of companies who waste time, money, and energy trying to achieve, let alone optimize this alignment. TYG solves that through building workflows that create that alignment and make it trackable and repeatable. Build better teams, better processes, better outcomes, and with full accountability.

TYG uses a powerful organization framework to help leaders build responsive teams that maximize their growth - design teams around customer process, align financial and set performance targets. Say good bye to large reorgs and structural overhauls, this is continuous organization design.

Let's Talk

If you have questions, we have answers. Chat with a specialist today.

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